True Flip, World’s Biggest Lottery Using Blockchain



True Flip is a blockchain lottery with the purpose of being completely decentralized and transparent, creating a better alternative for current centralized and non-transparent lotteries. For the purpose of transparency, all transactions on True Flip, including tickets sold, all deposits and withdrawals, are visible on blockchain.

Since the lottery draw includes completely random Bitcoin block hashes, which are attributed to purchased tickets, and since the open source code of the True Flip platform is publicly available on GitHub permanently, True Flip proves itself to be a reliable platform.
Investing in a not-yet-released platform can carry certain risks, but True Flip is already working and increasing its ticket sales with every day passing by. True Flip has accomplished to create a 400,000$ fund with its presale, and it was launched on April 2017. Now, with the help of crowdsale, they are offering to include the investors to the revenue and to increase the amount of Jackpot.

The crowdsale has started on June 28th, and it will continue for 30 days, or until the TFL tokens are sold out. The token price is fixed at 0.0005 BTC, but crowdsale process includes bonuses according to the amount of BTCs collected.
For the possible questions related to projected income, Token holders rewards calculator is a very useful tool to calculate the projected profit according to level of daily tickets sold as low, medium and high. Also, the allocation of the ticket income is clearly outlined. With each ticket that is purchased, 60% is added to the jackpot amount, 10-15% is paid to investors, 5-10% is saved for operational expenditure, 15-20% is saved for marketing budget and 2% is saved for referral program, which in return, increases the ticket sales.
The benefits of owning tokens are not limited to generating revenue. First of all, token holders are entitled to determine the development of the project. By voting on the decisions regarding the development of the project, token holders can ensure that your revenue increases. Secondly, a bounty program will be implemented for the token holders to participate in a private lottery after the crowdsale is completed. Finally, token holders can exchange with other crypto currencies.
With its platform aspects, great team and great supporters, True Flip makes a great opportunity overall.

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Mysterium Network


A new beginning: Mysterium

I can’t really remember the last time I was this excited about an upcoming project in the crypto world. Maybe when Vitalik opened his thread on bitcointalk, called “Welcome to the beginning…”. Well, this time, I welcome you all to the beginning. The beginning of one of the best projects on Ethereum to this date. Unlike others, this has a real world use and it’s already in the beta. Let’s talk about some awesomeness.

Mysterium Network is a fully decentralized peer to peer VPN platform. What this means is that people will be able to sell their internet bandwith to those who needs VPN service. Basically, the one who wants to make some more – on in this case MYST – will setup a Mysterium Node and start broadcasting his internet to the Mysterium Network. This internet will be pooled with other renters. When on the other hand, someone that needs a VPN service installs Mysterium Client and Kaboom! he directly buys VPN service through the node pool Mysterium provided.

The buying and selling through the platform is performed with the local token called MYST. Needless to say, MYST will be ECR20 token on Ethereum, thus it will benefit from the fast transactions Ethereum blockchain has to offer. The system has an integrated price calculator called the CORE. The cost of VPN services will be determined by node operators. This will create a perfect market. The prices will decrease the as the quality of service increases.


The main difference of Mysterium Network from other VPN providers is Mysterium Network being completely decentralized. This means no one will ever be able to store your internet traffic. No one will be able to sell your data to 3rd party. You will never be subject to 3rd party data auctions. Believe it or not, the VPN providers on the internet also stores your traffic and sells them online according to Electronic Frontier Foundation.

You can start using or testing out the node software right now at:

The token creation event will start on 30th of May, 13:00 UTC.

You will be able to transfer your tokens right after the token creation event ends. Find out more at

Link to whitepaper:

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