True Flip, World’s Biggest Lottery Using Blockchain



True Flip is a blockchain lottery with the purpose of being completely decentralized and transparent, creating a better alternative for current centralized and non-transparent lotteries. For the purpose of transparency, all transactions on True Flip, including tickets sold, all deposits and withdrawals, are visible on blockchain.

Since the lottery draw includes completely random Bitcoin block hashes, which are attributed to purchased tickets, and since the open source code of the True Flip platform is publicly available on GitHub permanently, True Flip proves itself to be a reliable platform.
Investing in a not-yet-released platform can carry certain risks, but True Flip is already working and increasing its ticket sales with every day passing by. True Flip has accomplished to create a 400,000$ fund with its presale, and it was launched on April 2017. Now, with the help of crowdsale, they are offering to include the investors to the revenue and to increase the amount of Jackpot.

The crowdsale has started on June 28th, and it will continue for 30 days, or until the TFL tokens are sold out. The token price is fixed at 0.0005 BTC, but crowdsale process includes bonuses according to the amount of BTCs collected.
For the possible questions related to projected income, Token holders rewards calculator is a very useful tool to calculate the projected profit according to level of daily tickets sold as low, medium and high. Also, the allocation of the ticket income is clearly outlined. With each ticket that is purchased, 60% is added to the jackpot amount, 10-15% is paid to investors, 5-10% is saved for operational expenditure, 15-20% is saved for marketing budget and 2% is saved for referral program, which in return, increases the ticket sales.
The benefits of owning tokens are not limited to generating revenue. First of all, token holders are entitled to determine the development of the project. By voting on the decisions regarding the development of the project, token holders can ensure that your revenue increases. Secondly, a bounty program will be implemented for the token holders to participate in a private lottery after the crowdsale is completed. Finally, token holders can exchange with other crypto currencies.
With its platform aspects, great team and great supporters, True Flip makes a great opportunity overall.

TrueFlip Crowdsale address:
TrueFlip Platform:
TrueFlip Twitter:


Mysterium Network


A new beginning: Mysterium

I can’t really remember the last time I was this excited about an upcoming project in the crypto world. Maybe when Vitalik opened his thread on bitcointalk, called “Welcome to the beginning…”. Well, this time, I welcome you all to the beginning. The beginning of one of the best projects on Ethereum to this date. Unlike others, this has a real world use and it’s already in the beta. Let’s talk about some awesomeness.

Mysterium Network is a fully decentralized peer to peer VPN platform. What this means is that people will be able to sell their internet bandwith to those who needs VPN service. Basically, the one who wants to make some more – on in this case MYST – will setup a Mysterium Node and start broadcasting his internet to the Mysterium Network. This internet will be pooled with other renters. When on the other hand, someone that needs a VPN service installs Mysterium Client and Kaboom! he directly buys VPN service through the node pool Mysterium provided.

The buying and selling through the platform is performed with the local token called MYST. Needless to say, MYST will be ECR20 token on Ethereum, thus it will benefit from the fast transactions Ethereum blockchain has to offer. The system has an integrated price calculator called the CORE. The cost of VPN services will be determined by node operators. This will create a perfect market. The prices will decrease the as the quality of service increases.


The main difference of Mysterium Network from other VPN providers is Mysterium Network being completely decentralized. This means no one will ever be able to store your internet traffic. No one will be able to sell your data to 3rd party. You will never be subject to 3rd party data auctions. Believe it or not, the VPN providers on the internet also stores your traffic and sells them online according to Electronic Frontier Foundation.

You can start using or testing out the node software right now at:

The token creation event will start on 30th of May, 13:00 UTC.

You will be able to transfer your tokens right after the token creation event ends. Find out more at

Link to whitepaper:

Join our Slack community:

Our Telegram group:

Follow us on Twitter :

The Era of Populous is Coming – Part 1


Almost everyday, another project pops up in the world of cryptocurrencies. However, most of them are duplicates of previous projects with nothing new to offer. Every once in a while, a bright idea emerges. The project I am about to tell you about is one of them. It’s called Populous and I’m pretty sure everyone will hear about it more in the near future.
Populous (, briefly, aims to bring the invoice world into blockchain technology. Now we are all well aware that blockchain technology is eligible of many things, consideribly more with data recording. Thus, invoices could easily be integrated with what blockhain tech has to offer. Through the Populous platform, users will simply be able to sell or buy invoices.

As many of the successful projects lately, Populous will be based on Smart Contracts. In other words, it will work on the Ethereum blockchain. Using Ethereum blockchain is a great idea as Ethereum is obviously the rising star of the cryptocurrency world and it gives confidence to investors as it creates good publicity too. The local currency of the Populous platform will be Pokens.


The main thing that puts Populous apart from other developing projects is that it already has a working product in beta stage. Populous team, made up of Stephen Williams as the CEO, Zvezdomir Zlatinov as the CTO and Jason Tuang as the CFO. The team has been working on the project for some time now and their decision to start their crowdfunding with atleast a working product is a very good idea. The team has a good background in the industry.

The crowdfunding (ICO) will start on the 16th of July. The total Pokens initiated by the smart contract will be 53 252 246. Those who are willing to join the crowdsale will be able to purchase 36 000 000 tokens. The team will reserve 12 million tokens and the rest will be distrubed through bounty campaigns, marketing and research projects.

In the next article, we will go into detail of how the Populous Platform will work through a technical point of view. For now, if you have anymore questions, please visit


Last Chance to Invest in EncryptoTel – The Project That Matters


Are you bored of ICOs everywhere, with almost nothing to give? Hell yeah, I am. Are you bored of Ethereum only ICOs? I am, definetly. Are you bored of investing in a project and getting nothing special in return? I am. Before reading whats EncryptoTel has to offer, you can visit to see if you can still invest.

Well, if you haven’t heard of EncryptoTel, this might be the last call for you to invest as they will stop accepting money once their target of 3 million dollars reached. Once the target is reached, I am pretty sure you would only be left to buy EncryptoTel from an exchange and the price would be way higher.

EncryptoTel is basically a secure VoIP and B2B blockchain project. Now I’m pretty sure you’ve heard a lot of interesting ideas recently. This one, however, already has a working product that is in beta and simply offers where no one in the entire cryptoworld had offered before: merging the blockchain technology with the telecommunications technology. In other words, EncryptoTel, for the first time in the world, aims to use the blockchain technology for communication purposes.

Hurry up and head to and buy the last EncryptoTels before its too late. This one will be a special long term investment indeed.

For more information, visit bitcointalk thread:



Decentralized Edgeless Casino

A project that will revolutionize in online casino industry!

Join the crowdsale:

The Edgeless project offers a completely decentralized and transparent casino environment with an ethereum smart contract base.
Approximately $ 50 billion in online casino industry has the authority to cheat against its players. This is the casino gaming spot that is known as house edge. Even though standard casino gambling sites say that they offer a fair game, actually they don’t; they cheat the user with many methods, which users do not realize. At this point, the Edgeless promises to provide a solution by using the blockchain technology for transparency and house edge problems, which are among the main problems of the casino industry. Edgeless, surprisingly, will be 0% House edge.
The first ethereum based example slot game that you can play and test now, is on the website.

Why Edgeless?

The comparison of traditional casino and bitcoin casinos with edgeless project


As you can see, compared to the traditional old type casinos, edgeless casino is completely transparent and open source based. People who play casino will trust this casino and they will know that the system cannot cheat.
In Edgeless Casinos in 2017 and 2018 you will be able to play the games listed below in a complete transparency.

% 0 Edge Blackjack
% 0 Edge Video Poker
Dice Game
Sport Betting

Ethereum Blockchain

The Edgeless casino, Ethereum will be built on the blockchain. All important transactions will be arranged with smart contracts and will make players experience a transparent. The casino on Ethereum works in this way. Users will know hash SHA512 seed before they produce their own seeds. For this reason, there is no way to change the results; there is no possibility to cheat for casino. After betting, the player can see our not hashed seed in ethereum blockchain and can verify randomness. Moreover, the customer will have two options to get a random seed; the first one is manually writing before each game, the second option is using the API integration with to automatically generate different customer seeds for each game. Smart contracts will be open to the public for everyone to examine and test the randomness procedure.

Protection of Investors In Crowdsale

The Escrow Guarantee investment process is managed by intelligent contracts based on ethereum. These contracts act as Escrow.
Ethereum smart contracts consist of encoding in transparency that everyone can analyze and its reliability is proven by ethereum.
The 10% Edg token ethereum, which is allocated to the developer team, will be kept locked by contracts for 12 months, so it will be prevented from being marketed.

Crowdsale Process

Crowdsale EDG began on February 28, 2017. It lasts for 3 weeks and ends on March 21. During the crowdsale process the investors will have the opportunity to become a partner of Edgeless Casino as an EDG owner. Every month, all edgeless token owners can participate in the edgeless lounge and get a 40% monthly bonus of the casino. You can join the edgeless project by investing with ethereum.

US citizens are not legally allowed to participate in Edgeless Project crowdsale

You can visit the official website and check it right now.





Blockchain revolution for the recruitment industry!

ChronoBank hit the cryptocurrency scene with a blast recently. It has a brand new idea and technology, which is exactly what the market and cryptocurrency world needs. Do you like using Uber to find a taxi, do you like using Upwork to hire a freelancer? If your answer is yes, than you’ll fall in love with ChronoBank. ChronoBank aims to be the ultimate decentralized marketplace for real world professions. Without the need of a 3rd party, which is why we usually get attracted to crypto, will definetly be attractive. ChronoBank is offering TIME currency as an Initial Public Offering. TIME holders will get rewarded with issuance and transaction fees occured using LH, which will be the main currency of the system.

Check it out at: and get in to a project that might be one of the biggest internet sensations in years.

You can get involved in ChronoBank Initial Public Offering with most popular cryptocurrencies: BTC, LTC, ETH, NEM, ETC, WAV. ICO will last until 15th of February and ChronoBank team plans to launch the main platform between Q2 and Q4 in 2017.



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