Blockchain revolution for the recruitment industry!

ChronoBank hit the cryptocurrency scene with a blast recently. It has a brand new idea and technology, which is exactly what the market and cryptocurrency world needs. Do you like using Uber to find a taxi, do you like using Upwork to hire a freelancer? If your answer is yes, than you’ll fall in love with ChronoBank. ChronoBank aims to be the ultimate decentralized marketplace for real world professions. Without the need of a 3rd party, which is why we usually get attracted to crypto, will definetly be attractive. ChronoBank is offering TIME currency as an Initial Public Offering. TIME holders will get rewarded with issuance and transaction fees occured using LH, which will be the main currency of the system.

Check it out at: and get in to a project that might be one of the biggest internet sensations in years.

You can get involved in ChronoBank Initial Public Offering with most popular cryptocurrencies: BTC, LTC, ETH, NEM, ETC, WAV. ICO will last until 15th of February and ChronoBank team plans to launch the main platform between Q2 and Q4 in 2017.



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