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What is Districts ?

3D & Blockchain should be seen as a new presentation delivery channel, a channel through which users can deploy applications in a secure space. Not only does this capability address varying presentation styles, interaction, it also offers significant business advantages in cost, time and the ability to reach broadly dispersed audiences efficiently and effectively.
The present platform is a space where possibilities of creating decentralized applications of shops services and management are unlimited, every user is free to opt for a project of interest to him. It is a self-regulating platform based on crypto-currency and ensures more attractive, impressive and efficient presentations and management for user’s projects. It is an opportunity for people who have a small business who cannot afford the expenditures of advertisement and have difficulties to attract customers from the neighbouring or far communities. The platform assists their activities by enabling them to better present and manage their shops, services and business.
Project: Districts shows the true power of the Blockchain by providing advanced features like 3D World generated by transactions blocks, Privacy Layer addresses, 3D Social Network and the encrypted instant messenger, the limits of what you can do with this platform is your imagination, our expertise combined with innovative technology and a passion for delivering real results.
3D Blockchain is one such trend that every business owner should be taking advantage of.

The Mission

The Project Districts mission is promoting crypto-currency’s to people who have no knowledge in computer science and help them use or build blockchain applications without writing or compiling code.

Why Districts?

-One of the main purposes of the present project is to promote the existing Blockchain based projects and services. Users can use their preferred cryptocurrency like Bitcoin/Dash/Monero for their transactions.
-This Project is a 100% community platform. The community Voice Power will determine all changes in this project.
-The 3D World allows users to communicate, share ideas, shopping, play games or order a pizza without taking their VR (Virtual Reality) Headset off, because every application and game in the 3D World are 100% VR compatible.

Districts Tokens

3D projects or personal space require a Districts token which is act of ownership estimated in square ft. in a determined position in the 3D virtual world. Tokens are generated by users using the integrated development environment(IDE), and can be merged or divided, the first 25 Tokens will be distributed during the platform launching as investment bonus to the top investors.

Districts for Developers

The developers build and publish their projects for themselves or to other users using the platform IDE (Integrate Development Environment) which is a tool that assists the developer creating 3D applications using the Districts Visual code(Moonia) for the 3D open world projects.


1.Research (Mar 2015)
2.Concept Roots (Jul 2016)
3.Whitepaper (Nov 2016)
4.Advertising campaign (Dec 2016)
5.Crowdfunding (Jan 2017)
6.Roadmap timeline update (Feb 2017)
7.Close Beta release
8.Technical Whitepaper
9.Github Source code
10.Public Beta release
11.Platform release

Site: https://www.districts.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Districts_io

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/districtsio/

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