True Flip, World’s Biggest Lottery Using Blockchain



True Flip is a blockchain lottery with the purpose of being completely decentralized and transparent, creating a better alternative for current centralized and non-transparent lotteries. For the purpose of transparency, all transactions on True Flip, including tickets sold, all deposits and withdrawals, are visible on blockchain.

Since the lottery draw includes completely random Bitcoin block hashes, which are attributed to purchased tickets, and since the open source code of the True Flip platform is publicly available on GitHub permanently, True Flip proves itself to be a reliable platform.
Investing in a not-yet-released platform can carry certain risks, but True Flip is already working and increasing its ticket sales with every day passing by. True Flip has accomplished to create a 400,000$ fund with its presale, and it was launched on April 2017. Now, with the help of crowdsale, they are offering to include the investors to the revenue and to increase the amount of Jackpot.

The crowdsale has started on June 28th, and it will continue for 30 days, or until the TFL tokens are sold out. The token price is fixed at 0.0005 BTC, but crowdsale process includes bonuses according to the amount of BTCs collected.
For the possible questions related to projected income, Token holders rewards calculator is a very useful tool to calculate the projected profit according to level of daily tickets sold as low, medium and high. Also, the allocation of the ticket income is clearly outlined. With each ticket that is purchased, 60% is added to the jackpot amount, 10-15% is paid to investors, 5-10% is saved for operational expenditure, 15-20% is saved for marketing budget and 2% is saved for referral program, which in return, increases the ticket sales.
The benefits of owning tokens are not limited to generating revenue. First of all, token holders are entitled to determine the development of the project. By voting on the decisions regarding the development of the project, token holders can ensure that your revenue increases. Secondly, a bounty program will be implemented for the token holders to participate in a private lottery after the crowdsale is completed. Finally, token holders can exchange with other crypto currencies.
With its platform aspects, great team and great supporters, True Flip makes a great opportunity overall.

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